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Vision & Mission

We are committed to offer high quality products along with high level of services making our customers’ goal to optimize their CAE processes our own. Our mission is to make the industry’s vision to achieve more simulation, with better results, in less time, and with reduced costs a reality.

Our roadmap is our focus on offering solutions that enable the engineers to concentrate their efforts on engineering problem solving, to invest their time trying new solutions for their products, and to take fast and safe decisions without consuming valuable time for tedious tasks. It is our belief that bringing this power to the engineers reduces the innovation risk, and allows them to try new things, in an effortless, fast and low-cost manner.

Throughout our longer than 25 years effort, we remain loyal to our core value to place our customers in the center of our operations by developing our products based on their requirements. We seek to partner with each of our customer by working together, hand in hand, to solve issues created by modeling complexity in the Industry.

We listen very closely to the problems of the engineers and acknowledging the bottlenecks in their job we develop our products placing engineering as the top priority of our efforts.

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